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Slush Fund


What does the expression “slush fund” mean?

Definition: money that is not reported in usual accounting channels, generally used for corrupt purposes

Example: The mayor maintained a slush fund with which he paid off precinct leaders who organized voters to support him.

Spread Oneself (Yourself) Too Thin

What does the idiom “spread yourself too thin” mean?

Definition: try to do too much, overextend yourself

Example: Between having two small children, taking on new responsibilities at work, and renovating our house, I’m worried that I might spread myself too thin.

(The) Circular File

What does the expression “the circular file” mean?

Definition: the wastebasket

Example: If your job application letter doesn’t mention any experience, I guarantee it will go right in the circular file.

Get a Buzz On


What does the expression “get a buzz on” mean?

Definition: drink alcohol until slightly and pleasantly drunk

Example: Let’s stop at the bar and get a buzz on before the basketball game.

Note: This slang expression is North American. You can also say “buzzed,” meaning slightly drunk.

(Not) Have a Leg to Stand On


What does the idiom “not have a leg to stand on” mean?

Definition: make a weak argument; be unable to justify oneself

Example: The customer accused us of cheating him, but when he realized he didn’t have a leg to stand on, he dropped the charge.

One-Horse Town


What does the idiom “one-horse town” mean?

Definition: A very small town

Example: I grew up in a one-horse town. The big city was bewildering to me at first, but I got used to it.